Why use an Executive Search Agency?  

Clients often question why they would use an Executive Search Agency rather than a Recruitment Agency, so thought we would outline a few important reasons. 

The main reasons would be:

  • A client needs confidentiality with a senior hire and discretion is needed.
  • You have a very difficult vacancy and you are struggling to find a suitable client that meets your criteria and you are not settling for 2nd best.
  • You have a vacancy open for 6+months and you can’t find suitable candidates because of the salary. 
  • You are receiving sub-standard CVs for your vacancy and you are getting to a stage where you are not sure what to do next.

Any of these scenarios requires a different type of recruitment methodology that not every recruitment consultant will be familiar with however a search consultant would be more in tune. 

What are your experiences in using an Executive Search Consultant?