What is the difference between a headhunter and a recruiter to the client?

Both aim to recruit suitable candidates for the vacancy they have been given by their client, but there are significant differences between the two. Let us show you:


­čÄ»Proactively approach & engage with candidates based on their skills/attributes that fit the assignment criteria.

­čÄ»Liaise regularly with the client and re-steer the search where appropriate, working towards a 100% success rate.

­čÄ»Recruit senior & executive assignments where highly skilled and successful applicants are needed.

­čÄ»Extensive research on candidates, detailed & thorough with the recruitment process with regular updates.


­čÄ»Re-active in their approach, often waiting for job seekers to contact them.

­čÄ»Recruiter lower-level roles and easier to fill vacancies.

­čÄ»Success rates are lower compared to the head-hunting model.

­čÄ»Communication is limited if they are struggling with a vacancy.

As a hiring manager, do you prefer using head-hunters or recruiters?