Ways to get a promotion

Employees within an organisation are often motivated to get a promotion or step up the ladder so they can have more responsibility, autonomy and in theory an increase in pay.

Often it’s difficult to see how you can get promoted within your division/company unless your manager leaves or gets promoted themselves.

Alternatively, you can get a promotion if you join another company.

However, we are going to explore other ways in which you can get a promotion with more responsibility, autonomy, and more pay with your own company!

  • Working on implementing a new system/process or start a new project within your niche/discipline: if the company earns more money or reduces costs then you could be in line for a pay rise. Also, you will be working on this on your own/some company time so you will be working autonomously, and you will then be responsible for developing and implementing that project into the division and perhaps into the organisation, depending on what it is.
  • Creating a new division or sub-division within your discipline: you would need to write/develop a plan or schedule around the resources needed and the benefits to the company by implementing your idea. That way you can create responsibility, autonomy and be in-line for a pay-rise.

Both examples above need you to be creative and show a conviction that this would be beneficial to your company.

Senior managers/executives should always listen to new ideas to stay competitive, it’s your job to convince them to invest in your idea and creativity