Planning your challenges for the next year

new challenges

With about 6-8 weeks until the end of the working year, depending on your position, company and location, what else do you need to be achieved personally, by the team or by the company?

Some of you may finish a week before Christmas, on Christmas Eve or on the 31st of December, but whenever your finish, now is the time to think and plan about what else you would like to achieve before the end of the year.

Whatever your targets or outcomes, planning is key to maximise the time you have to achieve or move towards these outcomes and here are some things to think about:

– What achievements/accolades/targets would I like to have accomplished by the end of 2021 and what do I need to do from now to achieve that?

– Do I want to learn a new skill, experience a new environment, become more healthy or change/develop my attitude/mindset and what are the steps needed to achieve this?

– Do I want a fresh employment challenge for 2022? If so, what are the various ways I can plan and execute this now to make this a reality next year?

– Things are fine at work but what about outside of work? What else would I like to achieve/enjoy so I can start to prepare now and make 2022 a better year?

– Where do I want to be at the end of 2022 with my career, my interests, my health, my finances, my relationships and my well-being?

Start planning, then execute over the next few weeks so 2022 will be a brighter and better year for you and all around you.