How to overcome disappointment at work?

We all have up and down days at work. Hopefully, more ups than downs, but sometimes we get dealt a major blow or real disappointment which may set us back but hopefully not destroy you.

So what happens when you may find yourself in that unfortunate position at work like the world has come crashing down on you?

It’s easy to say, just brush yourself down and get on with it.

But really, how can you do this when you have been crushed so bad and you can’t see the forest through the trees?

Although it’s not easy and doesn’t happen overnight, you have to start thinking positively and believe in yourself. The disappointment could have been out of your hands and you didn’t have any control of the outcome.

Whenever I’ve been in that situation, these are the things I did:

  • A very brief overview of anything differently I could have done to make that outcome positive in my favour. Although don’t dwell on this.
  • Allow whatever mistake/actions you did to never be repeated and work out an alternative action.
  • Look at your strengths again, understand what you are good at and work out how to maximise on a similar situation/task that is coming up.
  • Research how others may have had a positive outcome in a similar situation/disappointment.

Hope this helps if you are going to face disappointment in the future.