How effective are your internal communications between the different divisions?

We believe that every mining company and organisation needs to improve their internal communications between the various departments/divisions to be more effective, efficient and to make work easier for all employees.

Why do we think that?

Well, as a recruitment consultancy and partnering with clients over the past 20 years, we often speak to multiple employees within one organisation and you soon realise that often there is a lack of awareness of certain things and misinformation which is down to communication within an organisation.

It’s not the employee’s fault and not necessarily the manager’s fault, although a company needs to get to grips with its internal communication processes. Not an easy job as companies grow in nature.

Here are some things to think about:

  • Form cross-departmental teams to improve the flow of communication.
  • Regular company wider communication through email, texts, whatsapp.
  • Make meetings more interactive and contextual to give a holistic view of the company and their objectives.
  • Avoid silos and have more open communications.
  • Make meeting fun and can be in the form of lunches, offsite, after-hours in a relaxed setting.