Have supply chains affected your mining business? A few ideas for future events.

How much supply chain disruption have mining companies endured during the last 18 months across the world and how have this affected things like production, maintenance, and catering for the workers? How do we build future resilience to combat such events?

With many mine sites in remote locations, there are often delays and shortages with supply chains, and these have been more severally hit recently during the pandemic so, how have this affected operations compared to prior 2020?

With border open/closures, quarantining and worker shortages plus many other factors in many industries around the world, delays would have occurred which begs the question; how can mining companies build better distribution networks than the traditional supply chains they were using so they can reduce these interruptions the best they can in the future?

Navigating through this and being ready for future events, here are a few ideas:

  • Implementing cloud based real-time systems across the supply chain.
  • Research & use local suppliers than replying on overseas suppliers.
  • Improved financial covenants & credit terms need to be built in for longer term scenarios.
  • Collaboration on supply chain hubs to help secure future supplies.